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Fresno Family Law Attorney Protects What Is Most Important

California firm represents clients in divorces and other domestic matters

Family law cases require a legal professional who is sensitive to the emotional issues clients face and understands the permanent impact outcomes have on everyone involved. Whether you’re looking to ensure a healthy environment for your children or are concerned about property division during a divorce, we can help. No matter how simple or complex your household concern seems, Gates Law Group, A Professional Corporation in Fresno serves as an authoritative voice protecting your interests. Since 1979, attorney Glen Gates has given clients throughout California the advice and advocacy they need to achieve lasting solutions. When you visit our firm, we take the time to listen to you. Once we understand your situation, we give you full support for concerns such as divorce, separation, prenuptial agreements and juvenile law proceedings. In each case, our firm provides personalized counsel dedicated to your long-term well-being.

Accomplished advocate handles all types of matrimonial issues

Marriage bonds two people emotionally, financially and legally. If you’ve decided to change your relationship or are just looking to protect yourself in the future, our firm can make sure that you have the legal backing to handle situations such as:

  • Divorce — When you go through divorce, it can be difficult to retain perspective. Our family law firm treats you with respect and carefully outlines your options. In many cases, we can help you and your spouse resolve matters including child custody, property division and child support in an amicable, respectful manner. If you cannot reach an agreement on certain terms, we aggressively protect the rights of you and your children in court.
  • Legal separation — There are times when spouses no longer wish to live together but want to remain married for religious, financial or other reasons. Legal separation is an option for these families. You will still be legally married to your spouse, but you must make arrangements for property division, custody and child support as if the union were being dissolved. If you think separation might suit your needs, our firm can help you establish a separation agreement that benefits both parties.
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements — Many people realize the wisdom of creating prenuptial and postnuptial agreements that can be used to avoid costly, stressful litigation if a divorce occurs, but drafting these documents can be emotionally trying. Through creative legal strategies and our team’s passion, we can relieve the tension and help dictate how your affairs and assets will be divided.
  • Property division and asset valuation — California’s community property law calls for the value of marital property to be divided evenly among spouses, but this does not mean that each specific item is shared. Disputes over valuation and questions over whether something qualifies as separate or marital property can be crucial. A qualified family lawyer can help prevent an unfair result by conducting a thorough analysis of marital assets and liabilities, including complex items such as business shares and retirement accounts. To maximize the likelihood of a fair outcome, we use experts when necessary and present comprehensive arguments to bring before the court.

In a consultation, we’ll review your particular goals and circumstances so you can make fully informed decisions.

Skillful attorney represents clients in juvenile delinquency proceedings

The California Division of Juvenile Justice recognizes the developmental differences between adults and juveniles, so its system emphasizes rehabilitation over punishment. Our experience with the DJJ gives families a chance to understand what types of educational, remedial and treatment programs are available. From there, we vigorously advocate for a disposition that gives the young person the best chance to put their problems behind them. If your child has been removed from your home, we also provide strong representation in juvenile dependency hearings.

Contact an experienced California family lawyer for a consultation

Gates Law Group, A Professional Corporation advises Californians on a full range of family law issues, including divorces, custody disputes and juvenile delinquency proceedings. Please call 559-432-9944 or contact us online to make an appointment for a consultation. In addition to our main office in Fresno, we also serve clients in Paso Robles and Visalia.

COVID-19 Notice

These are unquestionably difficult times. We understand the word "crisis". Usually, people do not come to us just to say hello. They come with their problems and we have to respond quickly. We understand they need help.

The problems do not stop because of the presence of the COVID-19. Assistance from our office will continue. We have the technology available to provide our clients with continued quality legal services in order to protect their interests. We can meet our clients virtually whether by telephone or video. We can meet our clients in person but with special arrangements and implemented safeguards.

In spite of the pandemic, life does not stop. You may continue to have legal needs. Some people will have greater needs than others. We stand ready to help whatever the circumstances.

Your continued faith in us never goes unnoticed.

Allowing us to help you is a privilege we take very seriously. Gates Law Group, A Professional Corporation Tough. Competent. Understanding.

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