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Debt Relief

Fresno Debt Relief Lawyer Helps Californians Through Bankruptcy

Attorney assists in erasing consumer and business debt

Whether you are an individual consumer or running a business, debts can pile up until they become overwhelming. Credit cards can become a trap for the unwary and student loans can haunt you for decades. You may be able to wipe out or ease the payments of your debts, of whatever kind, through bankruptcy, but you need an experienced and knowledgeable firm to guide you through that technical and often difficult process. Gates Law Group, A Professional Corporation is ready to help, as we have done for our other bankruptcy clients for the past four decades.

Versatile bankruptcy attorney offers options for debt relief

There are two main ways in which bankruptcy grants debt relief. Liquidation, also known as Chapter 7 bankruptcy, eliminates most debt completely, but may require selling part of your assets, if they are not exempt from sale. In a reorganization (either Chapter 11 for businesses or Chapter 13 for individuals), the court approves a plan for paying off the debts over a three-to-five-year period, often on more favorable terms for the debtor than the original agreement with the creditor provided. We can advise you of the advantages and disadvantages of each approach, advise you which is best for you and represent you throughout the bankruptcy process.

Proactive bankruptcy firm pursues discharge of consumer debt

Most consumer debt can be eliminated, or discharged, in a Chapter 7 case, but there are exceptions. If you used a credit card to purchase more than $750 worth of luxury goods within 90 days of filing for bankruptcy or took more than $950 in cash advances within 70 days of filing, you probably won’t be able to discharge them. The creditor can also file a complaint challenging dischargeability. In a Chapter 13 case, you can generally discharge such things as credit card debt, medical and utility bills and personal loans. We will do our best to make sure as many of your debts as possible are discharged.

Dedicated attorney pursues student loan debt relief for clients

Student loan payments usually aren’t dischargeable, unless you prove to the bankruptcy judge that you fall within an exception, such as:

  • The debt is an undue hardship
  • You have become permanently disabled
  • You were unable to complete your degree because your school closed
  • The school lied about your ability to benefit from its program
  • The school knew you were unable to meet minimum state employment requirements for the job when it enrolled you
  • The school forged or altered your loan application without your knowledge
  • You are the victim of identity theft

However, we may be able to negotiate a restructuring of student loans to allow more manageable repayments. If you are overwhelmed by student loan debt, we will present the best care possible to have it restructured or discharged.

Contact a knowledgeable California debt relief lawyer for a consultation

If you need debt relief, Gates Law Group, A Professional Corporation can help. Please call 559-432-9944 or contact us online to schedule a consultation. We serve clients from our main office in Fresno and locations in Paso Robles and Visalia.

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The problems do not stop because of the presence of the COVID-19. Assistance from our office will continue. We have the technology available to provide our clients with continued quality legal services in order to protect their interests. We can meet our clients virtually whether by telephone or video. We can meet our clients in person but with special arrangements and implemented safeguards.

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